Julie Wink


For more than two decades, Julie Wink has been a key contributor to growing Data Facts. Getting her start in the credit industry in 1987 as a “Credit Investigator “, she joined Data Facts in 1995 and in 2005 she became the Executive Vice President and Partner.  In 2019, Julie became the President of the company. Julie is committed to providing trusted credit and financial solutions. Julie is committed to providing trusted credit and financial solutions. She also served as the President of My Credit My Future. Julie spent a year developing this educational resource to bring financial literacy to your staff, customers and community.

Throughout Julie’s career, her professional dedication has allowed her to serve on numerous Boards of Directors, including: The Tennessee Mortgage Bankers Association, the Nashville Mortgage Bankers Association, and The National Consumer Reporting Association (NCRA). Over the past 15 years, Julie has shown her leadership through her service on multiple NCRA committees. She has served in the roles of Treasurer (2014-2015), Vice President (2016), President (2017), and Ex-Officio (2018). She has also served as chairperson of the Education and Compliance committee. She has also served on task forces and committee activities honorably.

Julie has a Bachelors degree in Business, Sales & Marketing from the University of Memphis. Her skills include: Credit, Consumer Resources, Banking, Small Business, Sales Management, Strategy, Mortgage Lending, Loans, Customer Service, Executive Management, Leadership, Business Development, Financial Services, Account Management, B2B.

In her spare time, Julie enjoys running, spending time with her family and volunteering with local non-profit organizations.

"In a very competitive market we strive to differentiate ourselves by listening to our customers' needs. Since having joining Data Facts, I have committed myself to staying focused on 'continual improvement.' We want to make sure we are always asking what NEEDS to be done and what will make a DIFFERENCE for our customers and employees. If we are helping you grow your business and Data Facts is a company that everyone wants to work for then we are doing our job."

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