Damon Pike
Director of Information Technology



With over 25 years in the "Raving Fan" business, Data Facts not only has a complete host of products that we can mold to fit the needs of any client of any size, we also have an experienced and professional staff  who ensure that every customer that calls in is treated like our only customer. A happy customer or satisfied customer is simply not good enough...a Raving Fan is what we strive for.  At Data Facts, Good Enough...Never Is. 

Damon believes in clear, concise answers and fanatical customer support. He doesn’t have an IT department that shoots for the answer, but falls short on the delivery. He consistently delivers the experiences that today’s ever changing technology landscape requires, in terms that the least tech savvy person can understand.

 Y2K Inspired Damon. A friend owned a computer store and needed help installing patches on all of the home computers that people were bringing in. He loved the challenge 15 years ago and still loves the challenge of being a problem solver, today.

Damon is A+ Certified, Net+ Certified, Adobe Dreamweaver Certified, Adobe PhotoShop Certified, NCRA FCRA Certified and PBSA FCRA Certified.

Damon currently sits on the NCRA Technology Committee and the PBSA Data Breach Sub-Committee. 

Family is his biggest hobby with three sports-fanatic kids. Basketball, Softball and Football fields are where you can find him in his spare time. If he is lucky he will find quiet time on a golf course. Damon also enjoys cooking/grilling new dishes and being part of Boars Night Out championship BBQ Team.

“Damon, you are a GENIUS! You figured out our technical issue that our system was causing. You have been great to work with and THANK YOU so much!”

SOC 2 seal-2


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